We are back!
We are reinventing ourselves, and we hope to bring you along in our next journey to discover the new Tweak.
Tweak was first founded by Brent James and Peter Moore to utilize the rise of social media to crowdsource ideas, and create a brand that belongs to you. As the popularity of social media skyrocketed, and has now weaved into our daily lives, we believed that it was time to rethink our methods. We have been working hard to come up with better ways to create a community of people that are passionate about footwear. 
We would love it if you could join us in this process. There has been a lot of organizing, building and rebuilding, and creating of new ideas for this company. Soon, we will launch a voting process for you, the customer, to decide the next shoes we carry along with a blog to keep you updated with news, cool ideas, and interesting topics.
Building a community is very important to us; Interact with us, and we will be sure to interact with you! Sign up with your email to receive the latest updates and be the first to know when we launch our new products.
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